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The Acoustic Series

West Valley Music Center is the premier showcase for acoustic music in the West San Fernando Valley. One Saturday every month, we bring you some of the best folk music artists at our monthly Acoustic Music Series: singer-songwriters, both local and touring, performing in our optimal listening space. Located in a redesigned intimate setting perfectly suited for an attentive audience, our unique performance space holds up to 40 people, providing the audience and performers with an ideal listening environment.

For artists interested in booking information, contact Jeff Gold.

Next Performance Saturday, April 13 @ 8pm
The Eldermen and Rod Sphere
The Eldermen

The Eldermen (Kim Margolis, Robin Hild, and Raspin Stuwart) are a musical group of wise elder men whose music transcends the boundaries of traditional genres. They believe that music is a conduit for the divine order of things—a way to spread love, peace, and harmony, stage by stage and song by song. In addition to embodying light and consciousness, The Eldermen do so with an added layer of humor and light-heartedness. Their music and live performances are never to be missed. Learn more about them at

Rod Sphere

Rod Sphere is a highly esteemed singer / songwriter, poet & troubadour, currently residing on the East Coast of America.

Rod was a foundational figure in the Los Angeles / Hollywood / Southern California “underground acoustic” scene for many years, later relocating to Northern California before finally arriving on the East Coast in 2020.

He performs original material, and puts his unique spin on classics from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. His singular style is both energizing and soothing, captivating and liberating. See more about Rod at

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